iOS application for personal task management.

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Personal Task (To-Do) Management with Tugiwa

  • With Tugiwa you can display reminders and calendar data in a unified way.
  • You can set granularity and deadline for reminder tasks.
  • Tugiwa recommends the next task to be taken in considering the deadline and granularity set for each task.

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Features of Tugiwa app

How to use Tugiwa app

Using Tugiwa Tab

  • On the Tugiwa tab you can see candidates for the next task to be started.
  • Tasks can be displayed in order of recommendation or deadline.

Task Tab

  • On Task Tab you can add new tasks, delete them, search, display tasks that have been completed, and more.
  • Unlike Reminder app, you can add data such as deadline and granularity when editing tasks.

Schedule Tab

  • On this tab you can check the daily schedule.

Schedule Tab - Annual Schedule

  • You can see the schedule of the year at single page.

Calendar Tab

  • You can check the busyness of each day by the color depth.

Week display screen on Calendar Tab

  • By tapping the week on Calendar Tab you can see details of how busy every day of the week is.